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HiveTool™ is a collection of readily available, off-the-shelf hardware and free, open source software to continuously monitor a beehive. Computerized hive monitors provide realtime graphs and historic data of weight, internal and ambient temperature, humidity and light levels which give the beekeeper a noninvasive view into the hive. Uses include:

Graph of NC002 hive weight and temperature Scaly Mountain, North Carolina USA - 3700 feet elevation

tracks - video based tracking software.

Right: A bioserver (scale hive GA003) in an apiary in Athens, Georgia USA.

The scale and computer are housed in the bottom super. The hive is connected to the web via an ethernet cable but a wifi card or cellular modem could be used. In addition to serving as a scale hive, the computer is also functioning as a bioserver by monitoring bird activity and the soundscape in this urban setting.

Below: Light Microscopy image of pollen grains obtained from a hive with a pollen trap during a student lab at RGNS.

Figure 2. A bioserver (scale hive GA003) in an apiary in Athens, Georgia USA.

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